Aquarius Woman And Pisces Man

It is hard to give any guarantee about the long term relationship between Aquarius woman and Pisces man. It can start like a lightning and extinguish as quickly as it started or even earlier than that. Basic reasons for such situations occurring are that they have completed different qualities that are in sharp contrast to one another. Aquarius woman will not like to be tied down and Pisces man will not be ready to give her that liberty. Since the freedom she so badly seeks is not available she may not be able to give relationship the desired levels of warmth that would make it long lasting.


In love relationship there could be some smooth moments but most of the moments would be flickering. Pisces is very compassionate as well as concerned towards On the other hand the relationship can work well till the Aquarius does not display cold or detached attitude. Pisces man is calm and thoughtful, gentle, as well as compassionate but the detached attitude of Aquarius just sends him back. Sexual life between Aquarius woman and Pisces man is less of an experience and more of experiment. Initial motions of sexual encounters may be great for the duo but that is only a temporary faze.


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